Permanent Makeup

Brows, Eyeliner and Lips

Chosen by thousands of women and men, permanent makeup creates confidence and convenience. Available at our Manchester and Bradford clinics for brows, eyeliner and lips by exceptionally talented Forever Studios artists.

What is permanent makeup?


A recent Forever Studios client, these beautiful combination brows were designed by Liyah using both microblading and Ombre techniques to create a very natural and modern look.

woman with curly hair

There are currently many techniques used in permanent makeup. Chances are you have already heard of microblading, thanks to the ever-growing social media interest in eyebrows. But there are other permanent makeup techniques that are not as well-known but used by many celebrities worldwide.

The permanent makeup market is growing drastically and seeking more convenient and natural options every day to progress the treatments further. Permanent makeup is done by using either an electric tool or manual tool, depending on what you’re having done. The tools have micro needles attached that are used to then implant pigment into the skin.

Choosing the right artist is a really important factor in receiving the professional enhancements that you are looking for. But, with so many artists in Manchester, how do you decide which one to go for? Ask for evidence of their qualifications and to see certification. Where did they train? How long have they performed this treatment for? Check reviews and testimonials from their previous clients. Use your own judgement to make your decision. It’s essential you do your research, to ensure you walk away with the perfect permanent makeup.

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