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Eyeliner Tattoos

subtle enhancements to wings & flicks

One of the fastest growing facets of permanent makeup, an eyeliner tattoo enhances the eyes and relieves women of the need to apply eyeliner makeup each morning or throughout the day. Quality permanent eyeliner takes skill and experience to apply, so choose your artist wisely.

What is an eyeliner tattoo?

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Offering an infinite number of possibilities, the eyeliner tattoo can eliminate the need for eye cosmetics and reduce the time taken to get ready, while ensuring you always look your absolute best at all times.

Permanent eyeliner tattoos are applied over two sessions, spaced about four weeks apart, and requires a top-up every 18-24 months to look its best.

Our eyeliner artist, Liyah Imani, uses a specialist machine that gently inserts micro-droplets of pigment on the lash line, giving the appearance of thick, fluttery lashes. Alternatively, the eyeliner tattoo can be added above the lash line if you’re looking for that cat-eye look. This is a completely customised treatment to get the exact look you’re wanting.

Winged / Flick Eyeliner

Our most popular eyeliner technique, winged eyeliner can be a subtle ‘flick’ or a more dramatic full ‘wing’, depending on your personal preference. Eyeliner is usually black, however other colour requests can be accommodated if preferred.

This is a versatile procedure with a wide range of styles available. Contact us to discuss your options.

  • 1 x main session
  • 1 x free topup Session (if required)
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Eyelash Enhancement

As the name suggests, an eyelash enhancement is a subtle application of eyeliner tattoo to define the lashes. Perfect for those who do not want a dramatic look, or would like to add depth and body to sparse eyelashes.

We can modify our technique to change how subtle or noticeable your eyelash enhancement looks when complete. Contact us to discuss your preferences and options.

  • 1 x main session
  • 1 x free topup Session (if required)
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Hate having to apply eyeliner on a daily basis? Are you struggling to apply your eyeliner precisely? Fighting to get that perfect cat eye look?

This is where an eyeliner tattoo comes in. With this completely customised process you can wake up with eyeliner ready for the day. Eyeliner tattoos (you may know it as permanent eyeliner or cosmetic tattooing) isn’t really permanent. It’s more semi-permanent but considered permanent as the pigment will remain in the skin forever, but it will fade.

The eyeliner tattoo should last at least one year. But for some it can last for two to three years as everyone’s skin holds pigment differently. But within two to three years the pigment should have faded almost completely.

There are many different tools, techniques and digital tips we use to perform eyeliner tattoos. This means our artist can make the eyeliner look exactly how you want it. By taking into account your facial features to determine the perfect size and shape we can get it perfect for you.

There are different ways of having an eyeliner tattoo.

  • The lash line enhancement, adding pigment between your layers of eyelashes, gives you a darkened lash line creating a subtle lash enhancement with a thin, natural look and can also be applied to the bottom eyelid.
  • The eyeliner – Pigment is added to above the lash line to give you that liquid eyeliner look however thick or thin you choose it to be. Again this can be done on both top and bottom eyelids.
  • The shaded eyeliner – This is an advanced eyeliner tattoo technique which creates a smokey eye look with soft edges.

The tattooing process

  • First our artist will clean and prepare the area.
  • Next our artist inserts micro-droplets of coloured pigments under the skin using a needle.
  • Finally we will add a thin coat of eye ointment to promote optimal healing.

The whole process can take anywhere between one hour to three hours depending on the look you’re wanting but it rarely takes longer than two hours. 

The healing process depends on what you have. With the tight line look it should take anything between three and seven days of aftercare. With the eyeliner look, depending on how thick you have it the aftercare can be anything between seven and ten days. But it will be around three weeks before the eyeliner tattoo fully heals.

You can go about you daily life as soon as the procedure is finished. You just need to avoid wearing makeup, touching or rubbing your eyes, sun exposure, sweating (saunas, gyms, workouts etc), avoid swimming pools or long showers as the steam can effect the eyeliner and avoid contact lenses during the aftercare period. As the eyeliner is healing it may scab over. Do not pick or scratch as this can cause the pigment to peel off.

Eyeliner tattoos have many benefits and can be a game changer for some people such as those with sensitive skin, allergies to makeup, those living in hot or humid climates, people with vision issues or dexterity issues such as Arthritis or Parkinson.

No more applying eyeliner on a daily basis. No more struggling to apply your eyeliner precisely. No more fighting to get that perfect look.

If you are struggling to decide whether to go ahead with an eyeliner tattoo or not, then let us see if we can help.

Eyeliner tattoos can give you the illusion of fuller, darker lashes and highlight your eyes. Or you can just have a consistent perfect cat eye look. You can be ready for the day without having to apply makeup as you have that ready to go eyeliner. But like everything, eyeliner tattoos have advantages and disadvantages.


  • Applying eyeliner can be very time consuming, especially if you are struggling to get the perfect look. With an eyeliner tattoo you wouldn’t have to worry about doing your eyeliner as it will be ready all the time.
  • How many times have you accidentally stabbed yourself in the eye with your eyeliner? There will no longer be any risk of this happening.
  • You wouldn’t have to fight to get the perfect eyeliner look, your eyeliner will always be flawless.
  • Eyeliner tattoos do not smudge, so you can rub your eye without panicking that you’re going to end with the panda eye look.
  • It is less stressful on your skin as you are not having to wipe make up off at the end of every day and then you’re not having to pull and stretch your eyelid every day to reapply as this can cause your eyelids to become uneven or wrinkled which then makes eyeliner look smudged.
  • The procedure is safe hen done by a trained artist.
  • An eyeliner tattoo does not require much maintenance and upkeep.
  • It perfect for people with sensitive skin or allergies to makeup. Also, for people with dexterity issues such as Arthritis or Parkinson’s disease. Or people who have hair loss through chemotherapy, burns etc.


  • Eyeliner tattoos are more semi-permanent than permanent and do fade over time.
  • You will have eyeliner on all the time. There is no taking it off if you decided you don’t want an eyeliner look that day. 
  • You could have side effects (although rare) or an allergy to the pigment used.

What level of pain can you expect during a permanent eyeliner tattoo?

Research is so important. Don’t just choose anyone to tattoo your eyeliner. You want to dig deep, check all their reviews and before and after pictures. Ensure you find an artist with a good reputation, that is highly skilled, make sure they are licensed and that they have excellent hygiene.

The procedure is completely safe if done by the right person. This may mean you pay more than you anticipated but remember you’re paying for professionalism and their experience. If you are overly concerned about the pain maybe take some standard day to day pain killers before you set off. This can help just make sure you don’t take aspirin or ibuprofen as these can thin the blood.

Permanent Eyeliner Pain

Everyone has a different pain tolerance. Due to this fact it is difficult to tell you exactly how you will feel having the procedure. The procedure varies from artist to artist but if you do the research and find the right one, then as we do at Forever Studios, they will go above and beyond to ensure you are as comfortable as possible.

Most find the procedure minimally uncomfortable, whereas some people do experience a bit more discomfort. Some areas of the eye line may hurt more than others. But overall it is described as a more uncomfortable feeling, rather than painful but not distressing. People tend to think the pain will be worse than it is and expect it to hurt the most out of other permanent makeup procedures. You may be surprised to know that this isn’t the case.

  • First the artist will clean the area, they will use an antibacterial gel and a cotton pad to ensure the area is cleaned effectively.
  • Then they will apply a numbing cream with a Q tip. They will leave it on for twenty to thirty minutes to make sure the area is numbed correctly.
  • Next they will insert micro droplets of coloured pigments under the skin using a cosmetic tattoo machine. The machines are one of the most hygienic. They are a pen like device where anything that comes into contact with the client is disposable, this includes the needles, tubes, chambers, caps and casings. Throughout the procedure the artist will regularly check in on your pain levels and top you up with numbing cream if needed.
  • Finally when the tattooing is done they will add a thin coat of eye ointment just to start the healing process and avoid infection.

An eyeliner tattoo is sometimes referred to as semi-permanent eyeliner. Semi-permanent is a more fitting description as it does fade over time. It is considered permanent as pigments remain in the skin forever but fade until the visibility of colour unnoticeable to the human eye.

Everyone’s skin holds pigment differently but without a colour boost everyone’s permanent eyeliner will fade significantly within two to three years. It looks great for the first year to two years but then it is advised by artists to go for a colour boost which just touches up the eyeliner, delaying fading.

What causes fading?

  • If the procedure has been performed too shallow – Everyone is different and as the layers of skin can’t be seen the artists have to guess how thick or thin your first layer of skin (epidermis) is. As long as the artist takes their time and applies even pressure across the whole area then everything should be fine. If they don’t apply enough pressure and don’t get fully through the first layer then it is likely the colour will fade a lot in the first two to four months.
  • If the aftercare isn’t followed correctly – You should treat the aftercare of permanent makeup like you would if you had a cut. You wouldn’t want the cut to scar or cause permanent skin damage. You would keep the area clean. You wouldn’t pick or scratch it as this could also cause scaring and also removes the pigment in permanent eyeliner. Also you would make sure anything has very minimal contact with the area to avoid germs and bacteria, minimizing infection.
  • If you have oily skin – This gives you a natural exfoliation. It can make permanent eyeliner fade faster. You will just require more frequent colour boosts.
  • Too much exposure to the sun (UV light) – In this case the ink will fade, which takes away the sharpness. The UV breaks up the pigments in the skin. straight lines will dissolve making less of a perfect finish. Also early exposure to the sun can slow down the healing process.
  • If your body rejects the pigment – As ink is foreign to the body sometimes the body rejects the ink and either breaks it up or tries to push it out. This is no fault of anyone, it is just how the body is sometimes.
  • If you have an allergic reaction – Sometimes people develop allergic reactions to the pigment. This might not happen straight away but it can cause problems with fading or breaking up the pigment.

Rest assured all Forever Studios artists are impeccably trained, and perform eyeliner tattoos that last and are ready for top ups to keep your eyeliner looking its best at all times.

We request all Forever Studios clients follow our aftercare recommendations. This is not only to produce optimal results, but also to avoid invalidating your guarantee.

  • Do not touch, rub or scratch the tattooed area. In the early stages it is very sensitive and if it is irritated it may peel the pigment off.
  • Do not wear makeup, especially mascara for at least ten days as this can cause the are to become infected.
  • Do not let the area have too much exposure to the sun as this can cause fading of the pigment and for the same reason also avoid sweating, saunas, swimming pools or work outs.
  • Do not get any facial enhancements or any other cosmetic treatments on your face for at least 10 days as this can cause infection.
  • Do not sleep on your face and ensure you have a clean pillowcase on after the procedure.
  • Do not wear contact lenses for at least ten days, wear your glasses instead. Also when you do start wearing contact lenses again, if possible use new fresh ones.

The following are guidelines only. The healing process you experience depends on your specific treatment process and your own physiology.

Day 1

The tattoo will be 30% darker than it will be when it is healed. It be larger than it is going to be due to colour oxidation. There may be a small amount of swelling but it should be practically unnoticeable to others.

Day 2-3

You might wake up looking a little puffy. This can be fixed by either sleeping on an incline or applying a cool compress to the area. Your eyes may feel tight and dry, but not painful. They will have darkened temporarily as the scabs will begin to form.

Day 3-5

At this point you should start flaking. Do not pick or scratch the flaking area. Let the area just shed naturally. Now the colour may appear lighter. This is due to the scab coming off and the freshly healed skin hiding the true colour.

Week 6

By now the permanent eyeliner should be fully healed. At this point you should go for a follow up with the trained artist who did the procedure. The follow up is very important, this is where the artist can fix anything from where the pigment hasn’t retained properly, if it is uneven, if it has gaps or if the aftercare procedures hasn’t been followed correctly, then they can correct it.